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Download Brain Dance Music by Eric Chappelle

  • Artist: Eric Chappelle
  • Genres: Children’s Music, Music
  • Release date: 2017-09-01
  • Tracks: 26
  • Duration: 10:19

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PlayThe Five Minute Braindance: Narration by Eric Chappelle (04:57)

PlayThe Five Minute Braindance: Chimes by Eric Chappelle (05:02)

PlayThe Eight Minute Braindance: Narration by Eric Chappelle (08:07)

PlayThe Eight Minute Braindance: Key Words by Eric Chappelle (08:07)

PlayThe Violin Braindance: Key Words by Eric Chappelle (06:32)

PlayThe Violin Braindance: Music by Eric Chappelle (06:32)

PlayAtlas by Eric Chappelle (06:59)

PlayBreath by Eric Chappelle (02:06)

PlayTactile by Eric Chappelle (01:39)

PlayCore-Distal by Eric Chappelle (01:38)

PlayHead-Tail by Eric Chappelle (01:50)

PlayUpper-Lower by Eric Chappelle (02:05)

PlayBody-Side by Eric Chappelle (01:50)

PlayEye-Tracking by Eric Chappelle (01:15)

PlayCross-Lateral by Eric Chappelle (01:07)

PlayVestibular by Eric Chappelle (01:13)

PlayBreath: Bubble Gum by Eric Chappelle (01:17)

PlayTactile: Hickory Dickory Dock by Eric Chappelle (01:00)

PlayCore-Distal: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Eric Chappelle (00:38)

PlayHead-Tail: Bounce Like a Ball by Eric Chappelle (00:56)

PlayHead-Tail: Pussy Cat by Eric Chappelle (00:40)

PlayUpper-Lower: I Shake My Hands by Eric Chappelle (00:41)

PlayBody-Side: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Eric Chappelle (00:53)

PlayCross-Lateral: Miss Mary Mack by Eric Chappelle (00:46)

PlayVestibular: Humpty Dumpty by Eric Chappelle (00:44)

PlayCrawling, Creeping and Walking Patterns: Scaly Little Lizard by Eric Chappelle (01:36)

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