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  • Genres: Soundtrack, Music, Hard Rock, Rock, Arena Rock, World, Australia, Metal, Original Score, Classical, Blues-Rock, Country, Honky Tonk, Pop, Soft Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rap, R&B/Soul, Contemporary R&B
  • Tracks: 539
  • Duration: 37:09


The Incredible Hulk

PlayThe Arctic by Craig Armstrong (02:46)

PlayMain Title by Craig Armstrong (02:38)

PlayRocinha Favela by Craig Armstrong (03:11)

PlayA Drop of Blood by Craig Armstrong (01:35)

PlayThe Flower by Craig Armstrong (02:49)

PlayRoss’ Team by Craig Armstrong (01:33)

PlayMr. Blue by Craig Armstrong (01:03)

PlayFavela Escape by Craig Armstrong (03:35)

PlayIt Was Banner by Craig Armstrong (01:31)

PlayThat Is the Target by Craig Armstrong (05:33)

PlayBruce Goes Home by Craig Armstrong (01:24)

PlayRoss and Blonsky by Craig Armstrong (03:15)

PlayReturn to Culver University by Craig Armstrong (02:38)

PlayThe Lab by Craig Armstrong (01:16)

PlayReunion by Craig Armstrong (03:37)

PlayThe Data / The Vial by Craig Armstrong (01:20)

PlayThey’re Here by Craig Armstrong (03:06)

PlayGive Him Everything You’ve Got by Craig Armstrong (06:08)

PlayBruce Can’t Stay by Craig Armstrong (01:53)

PlayFirst Injection by Craig Armstrong (01:02)

PlayIs it Safe? by Craig Armstrong (01:06)

PlayHulk Theme by Craig Armstrong (03:59)

PlaySaved from the Flames by Craig Armstrong (00:52)

PlayGrotto by Craig Armstrong (02:53)

PlayArrival at the Motel by Craig Armstrong (01:47)

PlayI Can’t by Craig Armstrong (02:15)

PlayAbomination Alley by Craig Armstrong (03:56)

PlayBruce Found by Craig Armstrong (02:51)

PlayBruce Looks for the Data by Craig Armstrong (01:05)

PlayNYC Cab Ride by Craig Armstrong (01:17)

PlayThe Mirror by Craig Armstrong (01:17)

PlaySterns’ Lab by Craig Armstrong (04:16)

PlayBruce Darted by Craig Armstrong (03:00)

PlayI Want It, I Need It by Craig Armstrong (01:35)

PlayBlonsky Transforms by Craig Armstrong (01:15)

PlayBruce Must Do It by Craig Armstrong (02:11)

PlayHarlem Brawl by Craig Armstrong (03:50)

PlayAre They Dead? by Craig Armstrong (02:39)

PlayHulk Smash by Craig Armstrong (02:24)

PlayHulk and Betty by Craig Armstrong (01:49)

PlayA Tear by Craig Armstrong (01:00)

PlayWho’s We? by Craig Armstrong (00:55)

PlayThe Necklace by Craig Armstrong (01:44)

PlayBruce and Betty by Craig Armstrong (05:05)

PlayHulk Theme (End Credits) by Craig Armstrong (03:58)

Iron Man 2

PlayShoot to Thrill by AC/DC (05:19)

PlayRock ‘N’ Roll Damnation by AC/DC (03:38)

PlayGuns for Hire by AC/DC (03:26)

PlayCold Hearted Man by AC/DC (03:36)

PlayBack In Black by AC/DC (04:17)

PlayThunderstruck by AC/DC (04:53)

PlayIf You Want Blood (You’ve Got It) by AC/DC (04:35)

PlayEvil Walks by AC/DC (04:25)

PlayT.N.T. by AC/DC (03:35)

PlayHell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be by AC/DC (04:15)

PlayHave a Drink On Me by AC/DC (04:00)

PlayThe Razors Edge by AC/DC (04:24)

PlayLet There Be Rock by AC/DC (06:08)

PlayWar Machine by AC/DC (03:11)

PlayHighway to Hell by AC/DC (03:29)

Thor (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

PlayChasing the Storm by Patrick Doyle (03:11)

PlayPrologue by Patrick Doyle (03:09)

PlaySons of Odin by Patrick Doyle (01:48)

PlayA New King by Patrick Doyle (03:01)

PlayRide to Observatory by Patrick Doyle (02:10)

PlayTo Jotunheim by Patrick Doyle (02:19)

PlayLaufey by Patrick Doyle (03:40)

PlayFrost Giant Battle by Patrick Doyle (04:22)

PlayBanishment by Patrick Doyle (01:53)

PlayCrisis In Asgard by Patrick Doyle (02:19)

PlayOdin Confesses by Patrick Doyle (02:43)

PlayHammer Found by Patrick Doyle (01:11)

PlayUrgent Matter by Patrick Doyle (02:21)

PlayThe Compound by Patrick Doyle (07:40)

PlayLoki’s Lie by Patrick Doyle (01:54)

PlayMy Bastard Son by Patrick Doyle (02:39)

PlayScience and Magic by Patrick Doyle (02:53)

PlayThe Destroyer by Patrick Doyle (02:57)

PlayForgive Me by Patrick Doyle (02:40)

PlayThor Kills the Destroyer by Patrick Doyle (01:53)

PlayBrothers Fight by Patrick Doyle (06:59)

PlayLetting Go by Patrick Doyle (03:17)

PlayCan You See Jane? by Patrick Doyle (02:23)

PlayEarth to Asgard by Patrick Doyle (02:33)

Captain America: The First Avenger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayCaptain America Main Titles by Alan Silvestri (00:54)

PlayFrozen Wasteland by Alan Silvestri (01:52)

PlaySchmidt’s Treasure by Alan Silvestri (03:00)

PlayFarewell to Bucky by Alan Silvestri (02:49)

PlayHydra Lab by Alan Silvestri (01:52)

PlayTraining the Supersoldier by Alan Silvestri (01:06)

PlaySchmidt’s Story by Alan Silvestri (01:57)

PlayVitarays by Alan Silvestri (04:23)

PlayCaptain America “We Did It” by Alan Silvestri (01:57)

PlayKruger Chase by Alan Silvestri (02:53)

PlayHostage On the Pier by Alan Silvestri (02:44)

PlayGeneral’s Resign by Alan Silvestri (02:16)

PlayUnauthorized Night Flight by Alan Silvestri (03:11)

PlayTroop Liberation by Alan Silvestri (05:04)

PlayFactory Inferno by Alan Silvestri (05:04)

PlayTriumphant Return by Alan Silvestri (02:14)

PlayHowling Commando’s Montage by Alan Silvestri (02:14)

PlayHydra Train by Alan Silvestri (03:25)

Play“Rain Fire Upon Them” by Alan Silvestri (01:37)

PlayMotorcycle Mayhem by Alan Silvestri (03:03)

PlayInvasion by Alan Silvestri (05:07)

PlayFlight On the Flight Deck by Alan Silvestri (03:28)

Play“This Is My Choice” by Alan Silvestri (03:24)

PlayPassage of Time by Alan Silvestri (01:34)

PlayCaptain America by Alan Silvestri (01:06)

PlayStar Spangled Man by The Star Spangled Singers (02:53)

PlayCaptain America March by Alan Silvestri (02:36)

The Avengers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayArrival by Alan Silvestri (02:59)

PlayDoors Open from Both Sides by Alan Silvestri (02:48)

PlayTunnel Chase by Alan Silvestri (02:36)

PlayStark Goes Green by Alan Silvestri (02:41)

PlayHelicarrier by Alan Silvestri (02:09)

PlaySubjugation by Alan Silvestri (03:00)

PlayDon’t Take My Stuff by Alan Silvestri (04:42)

PlayRed Ledger by Alan Silvestri (05:10)

PlayAssault by Alan Silvestri (04:25)

PlayThey Called It by Alan Silvestri (02:41)

PlayPerformance Issues by Alan Silvestri (03:35)

PlaySeeing, Not Believing by Alan Silvestri (04:25)

PlayAssemble by Alan Silvestri (04:31)

PlayI Got a Ride by Alan Silvestri (04:00)

PlayA Little Help by Alan Silvestri (03:14)

PlayOne Way Trip by Alan Silvestri (05:50)

PlayA Promise by Alan Silvestri (03:34)

PlayThe Avengers by Alan Silvestri (02:03)

Iron Man 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayIron Man 3 by Brian Tyler (02:23)

PlayWar Machine by Brian Tyler (07:18)

PlayAttack on 10880 Malibu Point by Brian Tyler (04:35)

PlayIsolation by Brian Tyler (02:00)

PlayDive Bombers by Brian Tyler (02:24)

PlayNew Beginnings by Brian Tyler (03:54)

PlayExtremis by Brian Tyler (05:06)

PlayStark by Brian Tyler (04:31)

PlayLeverage by Brian Tyler (02:15)

PlayThe Mandarin by Brian Tyler (02:36)

PlayHeat and Iron by Brian Tyler (05:42)

PlayMisfire by Brian Tyler (03:26)

PlayCulmination by Brian Tyler (02:29)

PlayThe Mechanic by Brian Tyler (03:43)

PlayHot Pepper by Brian Tyler (04:41)

PlayAnother Lesson from the Mandarin by Brian Tyler (02:56)

PlayDr. Wu by Brian Tyler (02:41)

PlayReturn by Brian Tyler (06:20)

PlayBattle Finale by Brian Tyler (03:57)

PlayCan You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles) by Brian Tyler (02:42)

Thor: The Dark World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayThor: The Dark World by Brian Tyler (02:10)

PlayLokasenna by Brian Tyler (02:31)

PlayAsgard by Brian Tyler (01:56)

PlayBattle of Vanaheim by Brian Tyler (01:40)

PlayOrigins by Brian Tyler (03:49)

PlayThe Trial of Loki by Brian Tyler (02:38)

PlayInto Eternity by Brian Tyler (03:41)

PlayEscaping the Realm by Brian Tyler (03:53)

PlayA Universe from Nothing by Brian Tyler (02:21)

PlayUntouchable by Brian Tyler (04:09)

PlayThor, Son of Odin by Brian Tyler (01:52)

PlayShadows of Loki by Brian Tyler (02:25)

PlaySword and Council by Brian Tyler (03:47)

PlayInvasion of Asgard by Brian Tyler (03:00)

PlayBetrayal by Brian Tyler (04:03)

PlayJourney to Asgard by Brian Tyler (02:18)

PlayUprising by Brian Tyler (02:36)

PlayVortex by Brian Tyler (02:20)

PlayAn Unlikely Alliance by Brian Tyler (03:47)

PlayConvergence by Brian Tyler (03:42)

PlayBeginning of the End by Brian Tyler (05:21)

PlayDeliverance by Brian Tyler (02:22)

PlayBattle Between Worlds by Brian Tyler (03:30)

PlayAs the Hammer Falls by Brian Tyler (02:41)

PlayLegacy by Brian Tyler (04:08)

PlayMarvel Studios Fanfare by Brian Tyler (00:30)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayLemurian Star by Henry Jackman (03:06)

PlayProject Insight by Henry Jackman (01:29)

PlayThe Smithsonian by Henry Jackman (01:36)

PlayAn Old Friend by Henry Jackman (03:05)

PlayFury by Henry Jackman (04:07)

PlayThe Winter Soldier by Henry Jackman (06:24)

PlayFallen by Henry Jackman (02:51)

PlayAlexander Pierce by Henry Jackman (02:59)

PlayTaking a Stand by Henry Jackman (02:07)

PlayFrozen in Time by Henry Jackman (03:52)

PlayHydra by Henry Jackman (06:47)

PlayNatasha by Henry Jackman (01:12)

PlayThe Causeway by Henry Jackman (02:42)

PlayTime to Suit Up by Henry Jackman (02:05)

PlayInto the Fray by Henry Jackman (06:05)

PlayCountdown by Henry Jackman (04:26)

PlayEnd of the Line by Henry Jackman (02:51)

PlayCaptain America by Henry Jackman (09:41)

PlayIt’s Been a Long, Long Time by Harry James and His Orchestra (03:24)

PlayTrouble Man by Marvin Gaye (03:48)

Avengers: Age of Ultron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayAvengers: Age of Ultron Title by Brian Tyler (00:43)

PlayHeroes by Danny Elfman (02:07)

PlayRise Together by Brian Tyler (02:23)

PlayBreaking and Entering by Brian Tyler (03:04)

PlayIt Begins by Danny Elfman (02:42)

PlayBirth of Ultron by Brian Tyler (03:05)

PlayUltron-Twins by Danny Elfman (04:13)

PlayHulkbuster by Brian Tyler (04:32)

PlayCan You Stop This Thing? by Danny Elfman (01:03)

PlaySacrifice by Brian Tyler (02:42)

PlayFarmhouse by Danny Elfman (04:02)

PlayThe Vault by Brian Tyler (02:58)

PlayThe Mission by Brian Tyler (02:48)

PlaySeoul Searching by Brian Tyler (02:48)

PlayInevitability-One Good Eye by Danny Elfman (05:07)

PlayUltron Wakes by Danny Elfman (01:43)

PlayVision by Brian Tyler (03:47)

PlayThe Battle by Brian Tyler (04:24)

PlayWish You Were Here by Brian Tyler (01:36)

PlayThe Farm by Danny Elfman (01:14)

PlayDarkest of Intentions by Brian Tyler (02:26)

PlayFighting Back by Brian Tyler (02:33)

PlayAvengers Unite by Danny Elfman (01:08)

PlayKeys to the Past by Brian Tyler (01:48)

PlayUprising by Brian Tyler (02:32)

PlayOutlook by Brian Tyler (02:38)

PlayThe Last One by Brian Tyler (02:14)

PlayNothing Lasts Forever by Danny Elfman (01:57)

PlayNew Avengers – Avengers: Age of Ultron by Danny Elfman (03:09)

Ant-Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayTheme from Ant-Man by Christophe Beck (02:46)

PlayHoney, I Shrunk Myself by Christophe Beck (02:29)

PlayEscape from Jail by Christophe Beck (01:51)

PlayAnt 247 by Christophe Beck (01:13)

PlayParaponera Clavata by Christophe Beck (01:24)

PlaySan Francisco, 1987 by Christophe Beck (02:37)

PlayI’ll Call Him Antony by Christophe Beck (02:50)

PlayTiny Telepathy by Christophe Beck (02:02)

PlayFirst Mission by Christophe Beck (03:23)

PlaySignal Decoy by Christophe Beck (00:51)

PlayOld Man Have Safe by Christophe Beck (02:25)

PlayPym’s Lab by Christophe Beck (01:26)

PlayAntfiltration by Christophe Beck (01:20)

PlayYour Mom Died a Hero by Christophe Beck (02:03)

PlayScott Surfs on Ants by Christophe Beck (01:11)

PlayThe Water Main by Christophe Beck (01:14)

PlayCrossTech Break-In by Christophe Beck (01:47)

PlayInto the Hornet’s Nest by Christophe Beck (03:00)

PlayBecome the Hero by Christophe Beck (01:52)

PlayInsecticide by Christophe Beck (02:51)

PlayA Center for Ants! by Christophe Beck (01:15)

PlayCross Gets Cross by Christophe Beck (01:52)

PlayFight of the Bumblebee by Christophe Beck (01:44)

PlayAnts on a Train by Christophe Beck (01:43)

PlaySmall Sacrifice by Christophe Beck (03:36)

PlayAbout Damn Time by Christophe Beck (00:39)

PlayTales to Astonish! by Christophe Beck (01:47)

PlayBorombon by Camilo Azuquita (02:49)

PlayEscape by Roy Ayers (02:14)

PlayI’m Ready by The Commodores (03:20)

PlayPink Gorilla by HLM (03:46)

Captain America: Civil War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlaySiberian Overture by Henry Jackman (02:56)

PlayLagos by Henry Jackman (02:10)

PlayConsequences by Henry Jackman (02:21)

PlayAncestral Call by Henry Jackman (02:36)

PlayZemo by Henry Jackman (03:08)

PlayThe Tunnel by Henry Jackman (03:51)

PlayCelestial Bodies by Henry Jackman (01:44)

PlayBoot Up by Henry Jackman (05:16)

PlayA New Recruit by Henry Jackman (01:46)

PlayStepping Up by Henry Jackman (01:58)

PlayStandoff by Henry Jackman (04:00)

PlayCivil War by Henry Jackman (04:25)

PlayLarger Than Life by Henry Jackman (03:40)

PlayCatastrophe by Henry Jackman (02:35)

PlayRevealed by Henry Jackman (05:37)

PlayMaking Amends by Henry Jackman (01:34)

PlayFracture by Henry Jackman (03:59)

PlayClash by Henry Jackman (03:54)

PlayClosure by Henry Jackman (05:32)

PlayCap’s Promise by Henry Jackman (03:45)

PlayAdagio (Bonus Track) by Henry Jackman (02:18)

Doctor Strange (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayAncient Sorcerer’s Secret by Michael Giacchino (02:37)

PlayThe Hands Dealt by Michael Giacchino (02:56)

PlayA Long Strange Trip by Michael Giacchino (02:28)

PlayThe Eyes Have It by Michael Giacchino (01:23)

PlayMystery Training by Michael Giacchino (01:53)

PlayReading Is Fundamental by Michael Giacchino (01:39)

PlayInside the Mirror Dimension by Michael Giacchino (04:04)

PlayThe True Purpose of the Sorcerer by Michael Giacchino (02:09)

PlaySanctimonious Sanctum Sacking by Michael Giacchino (07:27)

PlayAstral Doom by Michael Giacchino (03:41)

PlayPost Op Paracosm by Michael Giacchino (01:15)

PlayHippocratic Hypocrite by Michael Giacchino (01:34)

PlaySmote and Mirrors by Michael Giacchino (06:29)

PlayAncient History by Michael Giacchino (04:08)

PlayHong Kong Kablooey by Michael Giacchino (03:35)

PlayAstral Worlds Worst Killer by Michael Giacchino (06:17)

PlayStrange Days Ahead by Michael Giacchino (05:59)

PlayGo for Baroque by Michael Giacchino (02:55)

PlayThe Master of the Mystic End Credits by Michael Giacchino (03:50)

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (Original Score)

PlayShowtime, A-holes by Tyler Bates (01:27)

Playvs. the Abilisk by Tyler Bates (02:35)

PlayThe Mantis Touch by Tyler Bates (01:53)

PlaySpace Chase by Tyler Bates (03:20)

PlayFamily History by Tyler Bates (03:48)

PlayGroot Expectations by Tyler Bates (01:57)

PlayMammalian Bodies by Tyler Bates (01:50)

PlayStarhawk by Tyler Bates (01:49)

PlayTwo-Time-Galaxy Savers by Tyler Bates (03:01)

PlayI Know Who You Are by Tyler Bates (04:20)

PlayEgo by Tyler Bates (02:47)

PlayKraglin and Drax by Tyler Bates (01:34)

PlayThe Expansion by Tyler Bates (01:05)

PlayMary Poppins and the Rat by Tyler Bates (03:07)

PlayGods by Tyler Bates (01:28)

PlayDad by Tyler Bates (02:28)

PlayA Total Hasselhoff by Tyler Bates (02:01)

PlaySisters by Tyler Bates (02:05)

PlayGuardians of the Frickin’ Galaxy by Tyler Bates (00:59)

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayTheme (From “Spider Man”) (Original Television Series) by Michael Giacchino (00:39)

PlayThe World Is Changing by Michael Giacchino (04:10)

PlayAcademic Decommitment by Michael Giacchino (01:57)

PlayHigh Tech Heist by Michael Giacchino (01:26)

PlayOn a Ned-To-Know Basis by Michael Giacchino (01:45)

PlayDrag Racing / An Old Van Rundown by Michael Giacchino (04:06)

PlayWebbed Surveillance by Michael Giacchino (04:40)

PlayNo Vault of His Own by Michael Giacchino (02:27)

PlayMonumental Meltdown by Michael Giacchino (05:23)

PlayThe Baby Monitor Protocol by Michael Giacchino (01:37)

PlayA Boatload of Trouble, Pt. 1 by Michael Giacchino (03:09)

PlayA Boatload of Trouble, Pt. 2 by Michael Giacchino (02:16)

PlayFerry Dust Up by Michael Giacchino (02:50)

PlayStark Raving Mad by Michael Giacchino (01:54)

PlayPop Vulture by Michael Giacchino (03:05)

PlayBussed a Move by Michael Giacchino (01:43)

PlayLift Off by Michael Giacchino (05:25)

PlayFly-By-Night Operation by Michael Giacchino (02:23)

PlayVulture Clash by Michael Giacchino (04:07)

PlayA Stark Contrast by Michael Giacchino (04:41)

PlayNo Frills Proto COOL! by Michael Giacchino (00:34)

PlaySpider-Man: Homecoming Suite by Michael Giacchino (06:12)

Thor: Ragnarok (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayRagnarok Suite by Mark Mothersbaugh (08:53)

PlayRunning Short on Options by Mark Mothersbaugh (02:46)

PlayThor: Ragnarok by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:09)

PlayWeird Things Happen by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:46)

PlayTwilight of the Gods by Mark Mothersbaugh (06:14)

PlayHela vs. Asgard by Mark Mothersbaugh (04:30)

PlayWhere am I? by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:39)

PlayGrandmaster’s Chambers by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:18)

PlayThe Vault by Mark Mothersbaugh (03:47)

PlayNo One Escapes by Mark Mothersbaugh (03:01)

PlayArena Fight by Mark Mothersbaugh (03:32)

PlayWhere’s the Sword? by Mark Mothersbaugh (04:33)

PlayGo by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:43)

PlayWhat Heroes Do by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:37)

PlayFlashback by Mark Mothersbaugh (02:59)

PlayParade by Mark Mothersbaugh (02:20)

PlayThe Revolution Has Begun by Mark Mothersbaugh (01:47)

PlaySakaar Chase by Mark Mothersbaugh (02:12)

PlayDevil’s Anus by Mark Mothersbaugh (04:52)

PlayAsgard Is a People by Mark Mothersbaugh (04:20)

PlayWhere To? by Mark Mothersbaugh (02:22)

PlayPlanet Sakaar by Mark Mothersbaugh (02:14)

PlayGrandmaster Jam Session by Mark Mothersbaugh (03:16)

Black Panther (Original Score)

PlayWakanda Origins by Ludwig Göransson (01:44)

PlayRoyal Talon Fighter by Ludwig Göransson (04:00)

PlayWakanda by Ludwig Göransson (02:20)

PlayWarrior Falls by Ludwig Göransson (04:06)

PlayThe Jabari by Ludwig Göransson (01:08)

PlayWaterfall Fight by Ludwig Göransson (04:03)

PlayAncestral Plane by Ludwig Göransson (04:27)

PlayKillmonger by Ludwig Göransson (02:55)

PlayPhambili by Ludwig Göransson (02:31)

PlayCasino Brawl by Ludwig Göransson (03:32)

PlayBusan Car Chase by Ludwig Göransson (02:49)

PlayQuestioning Klaue by Ludwig Göransson (03:32)

PlayOutsider by Ludwig Göransson (02:07)

PlayIs This Wakanda? by Ludwig Göransson (02:46)

PlayKillmonger’s Challenge by Ludwig Göransson (05:07)

PlayKillmonger vs. T’Challa by Ludwig Göransson (03:30)

PlayLoyal to the Throne by Ludwig Göransson (01:35)

PlayKillmonger’s Dream by Ludwig Göransson (03:15)

PlayBurn It All by Ludwig Göransson (03:24)

PlayEntering Jabariland by Ludwig Göransson (02:42)

PlayWake Up T’Challa by Ludwig Göransson (06:08)

PlayThe Great Mound Battle by Ludwig Göransson (03:48)

PlayGlory to Bast by Ludwig Göransson (06:06)

PlayThe Jabari, Pt. II by Ludwig Göransson (02:22)

PlayA King’s Sunset by Ludwig Göransson (04:28)

PlayA New Day by Ludwig Göransson (01:47)

PlaySpaceship Bugatti by Ludwig Göransson (01:23)

PlayUnited Nations / End Titles by Ludwig Göransson (07:32)

Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By

PlayBlack Panther by Kendrick Lamar (02:10)

PlayAll The Stars by Kendrick Lamar, SZA (03:52)

PlayX by ScHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz, Saudi (04:27)

PlayThe Ways by Khalid, Swae Lee (03:58)

PlayOpps by Vince Staples, Yugen Blakrok (03:00)

PlayI Am by Jorja Smith (03:28)

PlayParamedic! by SOB X RBE (03:39)

PlayBloody Waters by Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak, James Blake (04:32)

PlayKing’s Dead by Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake (03:45)

PlayRedemption Interlude by Zacari (01:25)

PlayRedemption by Zacari, Babes Wodumo (03:42)

PlaySeasons by Mozzy, Sjava, Reason (04:02)

PlayBig Shot by Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott (03:41)

PlayPray For Me by The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar (03:31)

Ant-Man and the Wasp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayIt Ain’t Over Till the Wasp Lady Stings by Christophe Beck (02:33)

PlayPrologue by Christophe Beck (03:41)

PlayGhost in the Machine by Christophe Beck (01:14)

PlayWorld’s Greatest Grandma by Christophe Beck (01:33)

PlayA Little Nudge by Christophe Beck (03:49)

PlayFeds by Christophe Beck (02:46)

PlayAva’s Story by Christophe Beck (04:35)

PlayWings & Blasters by Christophe Beck (01:55)

PlayUtmost Ghost by Christophe Beck (02:28)

PlayTracker Swarm by Christophe Beck (01:26)

PlayCautious as a Hurricane by Christophe Beck (02:46)

PlayMisdirection by Christophe Beck (02:38)

PlayQuantum Leap by Christophe Beck (02:52)

PlayI Shrink, Therefore I Am by Christophe Beck (01:57)

PlayPartners by Christophe Beck (01:51)

PlayWindshield Wipeout by Christophe Beck (01:37)

PlayHot Wheels by Christophe Beck (01:37)

PlayRevivification by Christophe Beck (02:49)

PlayA Flock of Seagulls by Christophe Beck (01:07)

PlaySan Francisco Giant by Christophe Beck (00:44)

PlayGhost = Toast by Christophe Beck (02:53)

PlayReduce Yourself by Christophe Beck (01:40)

PlayQuit Screwing Around by Christophe Beck (00:45)

PlayArthropodie by Christophe Beck (04:15)

PlayBaba Yaga Lullaby by David Dastmalchian (00:24)

Captain Marvel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayCaptain Marvel by Pinar Toprak (02:15)

PlayWaking Up by Pinar Toprak (01:28)

PlayBoarding the Train by Pinar Toprak (01:30)

PlayWhy Do You Fight? by Pinar Toprak (01:14)

PlayLet’s Bring Him Home by Pinar Toprak (01:39)

PlayEntering Enemy Territory by Pinar Toprak (03:33)

PlayBreaking Free by Pinar Toprak (05:24)

PlayHot Pursuit by Pinar Toprak (04:34)

PlayLost the Target by Pinar Toprak (02:10)

PlayLifting Fingerprints by Pinar Toprak (01:31)

PlayFinding the Records by Pinar Toprak (05:20)

PlayEscaping the Basement by Pinar Toprak (04:23)

PlayPhotos of Us by Pinar Toprak (01:56)

PlayLearning the Truth by Pinar Toprak (03:16)

PlayNew Clothes by Pinar Toprak (01:04)

PlaySpace Turbulence by Pinar Toprak (02:57)

PlayHigh Score by Pinar Toprak (02:35)

PlayInterrupting Something? by Pinar Toprak (01:30)

PlayTrapped by Pinar Toprak (03:19)

PlayI’m All Fired Up by Pinar Toprak (03:20)

PlayMore Problems by Pinar Toprak (08:15)

PlayYou Could Use a Jump by Pinar Toprak (01:45)

PlayThis Isn’t Goodbye by Pinar Toprak (02:29)

Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayTotally Fine by Alan Silvestri (04:29)

PlayArrival by Alan Silvestri (01:49)

PlayNo Trust by Alan Silvestri (03:09)

PlayWhere Are They? by Alan Silvestri (03:12)

PlayBecoming Whole Again by Alan Silvestri (03:48)

PlayI Figured It Out by Alan Silvestri (04:30)

PlayPerfectly Not Confusing by Alan Silvestri (04:46)

PlayYou Shouldn’t Be Here by Alan Silvestri (03:33)

PlayThe How Works by Alan Silvestri (03:50)

PlaySnap Out of It by Alan Silvestri (02:24)

PlaySo Many Stairs by Alan Silvestri (01:51)

PlayOne Shot by Alan Silvestri (02:04)

PlayWatch Each Other’s Six by Alan Silvestri (03:56)

PlayI Can’t Risk This by Alan Silvestri (04:48)

PlayHe Gave It Away by Alan Silvestri (03:42)

PlayThe Tool of a Thief by Alan Silvestri (02:58)

PlayThe Measure of a Hero by Alan Silvestri (03:05)

PlayDestiny Fulfilled by Alan Silvestri (04:05)

PlayIn Plain Sight by Alan Silvestri (03:14)

PlayHow Do I Look? by Alan Silvestri (02:06)

PlayWhatever It Takes by Alan Silvestri (02:56)

PlayNot Good by Alan Silvestri (01:53)

PlayGotta Get Out by Alan Silvestri (02:38)

PlayI Was Made for This by Alan Silvestri (04:37)

PlayTres Amigos by Alan Silvestri (03:37)

PlayTunnel Scape by Alan Silvestri (03:16)

PlayWorth It by Alan Silvestri (04:15)

PlayPortals by Alan Silvestri (03:17)

PlayGet This Thing Started by Alan Silvestri (04:54)

PlayThe One by Alan Silvestri (02:08)

PlayYou Did Good by Alan Silvestri (01:57)

PlayThe Real Hero by Alan Silvestri (05:54)

PlayFive Seconds by Alan Silvestri (01:45)

PlayGo Ahead by Alan Silvestri (02:57)

PlayMain on End by Alan Silvestri (03:11)

Spider-Man: Far from Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

PlayFar From Home Suite Home by Michael Giacchino (08:27)

PlayIt’s Perfect by Michael Giacchino (00:30)

PlayWorld’s Worst Water Feature by Michael Giacchino (07:30)

PlayMultiple Realities by Michael Giacchino (03:32)

PlayBrad to the Drone by Michael Giacchino (03:32)

PlayChange of Plans by Michael Giacchino (02:28)

PlayNight Monkey Knows How to Do It by Michael Giacchino (00:19)

PlayMr. One Hundred and One by Michael Giacchino (03:20)

PlayPrague Rocked by Michael Giacchino (03:43)

PlayWho’s Behind Those Foster Grants by Michael Giacchino (02:57)

PlayPower to the People by Michael Giacchino (03:33)

PlayPersonal Hijinks by Michael Giacchino (03:53)

PlayPraguenosis: BAD by Michael Giacchino (01:08)

PlayA Lot of ‘Splaining to Do by Michael Giacchino (02:14)

PlayThe Magical Mysterio Tour by Michael Giacchino (03:21)

PlayTaking the Gullible Express/ Spidey Sensitive by Michael Giacchino (05:07)

PlayGloom and Doom by Michael Giacchino (04:16)

PlayHigh and Flighty by Michael Giacchino (02:20)

PlayAn Internal Battle by Michael Giacchino (01:50)

PlayHappy Landings by Michael Giacchino (02:58)

PlayTower of Cower by Michael Giacchino (05:12)

PlayBridging the Trap by Michael Giacchino (01:58)

PlayBridge and Love’s Burning by Michael Giacchino (02:50)

PlaySwinging Set by Michael Giacchino (01:47)

PlayAnd Now This… by Michael Giacchino (00:58)

Avengers: Infinity War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

PlayThe Avengers by Alan Silvestri (00:25)

PlayTravel Delays (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (04:43)

PlayUndying Fidelity by Alan Silvestri (05:05)

PlayNo More Surprises by Alan Silvestri (04:04)

PlayHe Won’t Come Out (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (03:39)

PlayField Trip by Alan Silvestri (03:36)

PlayWake Him Up by Alan Silvestri (04:04)

PlayWe Both Made Promises (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (04:27)

PlayHelp Arrives (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (05:38)

PlayHand Means Stop/You Go Right (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (07:18)

PlayOne Way Ticket by Alan Silvestri (03:27)

PlayFamily Affairs (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (05:37)

PlayWhat More Could I Lose? (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (05:07)

PlayA Small Price by Alan Silvestri (03:17)

PlayEven for You by Alan Silvestri (02:15)

PlayMorning After by Alan Silvestri (02:08)

PlayIs He Always Like This? by Alan Silvestri (03:23)

PlayMore Power by Alan Silvestri (04:07)

PlayCharge! by Alan Silvestri (03:28)

PlayForge by Alan Silvestri (04:22)

PlayCatch by Alan Silvestri (06:04)

PlayHaircut and Beard (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (03:51)

PlayA Lot to Figure Out (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (03:08)

PlayThe End Game (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (02:34)

PlayGet That Arm/I Feel You (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (04:45)

PlayWhat Did It Cost? (Extended) by Alan Silvestri (03:35)

PlayPorch by Alan Silvestri (00:59)

PlayInfinity War by Alan Silvestri (02:35)

PlayOld Tech by Alan Silvestri (01:06)

PlayEnd Credits by Alan Silvestri (07:31)

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