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Download Baby Songs – 75 Nursery Rhymes by Kidsongs

  • Artist: Kidsongs
  • Genres: Children’s Music, Music
  • Release date: 1987
  • Tracks: 75
  • Duration: 06:46

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PlayIf You’re Happy and You Know It by Kidsongs (01:23)

PlayRow, Row, Row Your Boat by Kidsongs (01:15)

PlayThe Farmer in the Dell by Kidsongs (01:50)

PlayFiddle-I-Dee by Kidsongs (02:46)

PlayDid You Ever See a Lassie? by Kidsongs (02:17)

PlayBingo by Kidsongs (01:59)

PlayMary Had a Little Lamb by Kidsongs (01:56)

PlayDown By the Station by Kidsongs (01:50)

PlayLondon Bridge by Kidsongs (01:53)

PlayTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by Kidsongs (01:56)

PlayDown By the Bay by Kidsongs (01:46)

PlayThis Old Man by Kidsongs (02:11)

PlayThe Old Hen by Kidsongs (01:54)

PlayTurkey in the Straw by Kidsongs (01:52)

PlayLittle Bo Peep by Kidsongs (01:42)

PlayDo Your Ears Hang Low? by Kidsongs (01:35)

PlayPlaymate by Kidsongs (02:02)

PlaySchool Days by Kidsongs (00:50)

PlayThe Alphabet Song by Kidsongs (01:12)

PlayThe Bear Went Over the Mountain by Kidsongs (01:53)

PlayHow Much Is That Doggie in the Window by Kidsongs (02:29)

PlayWhere, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? by Kidsongs (01:51)

PlayThe Kicking Mule by Kidsongs (01:42)

PlayShe’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain by Kidsongs (01:31)

PlayOld MacDonald Had a Farm by Kidsongs (02:49)

PlayFive Little Ducks by Kidsongs (02:09)

PlayThe Petting Zoo by Kidsongs (02:17)

PlayRaccoon & Possum by Kidsongs (01:36)

PlayFive Little Monkeys by Kidsongs (01:37)

PlayBicycle Built for Two by Kidsongs (01:54)

PlayThe Caissons Go Rolling Along by Kidsongs (01:52)

PlayLittle Red Caboose by Kidsongs (02:15)

PlayTake Me Out to the Ball Game by Kidsongs (01:43)

PlayBumpin’ Up and Down by Kidsongs (01:26)

PlayFrere Jacques by Kidsongs (01:52)

PlayAlouette by Kidsongs (02:21)

PlayRig-A-Jig-Jig by Kidsongs (02:21)

PlaySkip to My Lou by Kidsongs (02:20)

PlayThere’s a Hole in My Bucket by Kidsongs (02:02)

PlayYankee Doodle Boy by Kidsongs (02:03)

PlayWhen the Saints Go Marching in by Kidsongs (01:44)

PlayOver the River by Kidsongs (01:03)

PlayOh, Susanna by Kidsongs (01:26)

PlayShortenin’ Bread by Kidsongs (02:19)

PlayHome On the Range by Kidsongs (01:57)

PlayThe Muffin Man by Kidsongs (01:37)

PlayHead, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Kidsongs (01:57)

PlayPat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake by Kidsongs (01:49)

PlayThem Bones by Kidsongs (03:14)

PlayJohn Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt by Kidsongs (01:16)

PlayTa-Ra-Ra-Boom-Dee-A by Kidsongs (01:30)

PlayThe Animal Fair by Kidsongs (00:26)

PlayLittle Bunny Foo Foo by Kidsongs (00:31)

PlayP***y Cat, P***y Cat by Kidsongs (00:25)

PlayBaa Baa Black Sheep by Kidsongs (00:32)

PlayThe Old Grey Mare by Kidsongs (00:29)

PlayI Had a Little Rooster by Kidsongs (00:26)

PlayLet’s Be Silly by Kidsongs (02:22)

PlayJump-Jump, Turn Around, Start Again by Kidsongs (02:26)

PlayFooba Wooba John by Kidsongs (01:45)

PlayThe Green Grass Grows All Around by Kidsongs (01:37)

PlayMichael Finnegan by Kidsongs (01:54)

PlayJim Along Josie by Kidsongs (01:52)

PlayWhistle While You Work by Kidsongs (01:36)

PlayThe More We Get Together by Kidsongs (01:53)

PlayOn Top of Spaghetti by Kidsongs (01:36)

PlayPop! Goes the Weasel by Kidsongs (00:25)

PlayFound a Peanut by Kidsongs (00:22)

PlayPolly Wolly Doodle by Kidsongs (01:48)

PlayOne, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Kidsongs (00:19)

PlayThe Bus Song by Kidsongs (02:19)

PlayHickory Dickory Dock by Kidsongs (00:31)

PlayItsy Bitsy Spider by Kidsongs (01:01)

PlayHere We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush by Kidsongs (01:39)

PlayUp and Down, Round and Round by Kidsongs (01:49)

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