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  • Artist: Wee Sing
  • Genres: Children’s Music, Music, Rock
  • Release date: 2006-09-05
  • Tracks: 45
  • Duration: 04:32

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PlayHello to All the Children of the World by Wee Sing (01:48)

PlayGoing Over the Sea – Canada by Wee Sing (01:15)

PlayUhé Bashoⁿ Shoⁿ (The Crooked Path) – United States by Wee Sing (00:55)

PlayEentsy, Weentsy Spider – United States by Wee Sing (01:10)

PlayPin Pón (Paper Doll) – Mexico by Wee Sing (01:17)

PlayTingalayo (Donkey Song) – West Indies by Wee Sing (01:40)

PlayEl Coquí (The Frog) – Puerto Rico by Wee Sing (01:35)

PlayChi Chi Bud (Chi Chi Bird) – Jamaica by Wee Sing (01:17)

PlayBrown Girl in the Ring – Guyana by Wee Sing (01:12)

PlayCiranda (Circle Game) – Brazil by Wee Sing (01:45)

PlayMi Chacra (My Farm) – Argentina by Wee Sing (01:40)

PlayLos Pollitos (The Little Chicks) – Peru by Wee Sing (02:07)

PlayRo, Ro Til Fiskeskjær (Row, Row to the Fishing Spot) – Norway by Wee Sing (01:00)

PlaySmå Grodorna (Little Frogs) – Sweden by Wee Sing (01:23)

PlayEn Enebær Busk (The Mulberry Bush) – Denmark by Wee Sing (01:25)

PlayPiiri Pieni Pyörii (The Circle Goes Around) – Finland by Wee Sing (01:05)

PlayWee Falorie Man – Ireland by Wee Sing (01:21)

PlayCoulter’s Candy – Scotland by Wee Sing (01:43)

PlayLavender’s Blue – England by Wee Sing (01:16)

PlayAlle Eendjes (All the Ducklings) – The Netherlands by Wee Sing (01:42)

PlayFrère Jacques (Brother John) – France by Wee Sing (01:31)

PlayWeggis Zue (Swiss Hiking Song) – Switzerland by Wee Sing (01:41)

PlayAlle Meine Entchen (All My Little Ducklings) – Germany by Wee Sing (01:15)

PlayMio Galletto (My Little Rooster) – Italy by Wee Sing (00:58)

PlayMi Burro (My Burro) – Spain by Wee Sing (01:53)

PlayPou’n-do To Dachtilidi (Where Is the Ring?) – Greece by Wee Sing (01:15)

PlayRinge, Ringe Raja (Ring Around Raja) – (former) Yugoslavia by Wee Sing (01:12)

PlayVeselee Husi (Jolly, Happy Ganders) – Ukraine by Wee Sing (01:27)

PlayTue Tue (Clapping Game) – Ghana by Wee Sing (01:02)

PlayAkwa Nwa Nere Nnwa (The Little Nanny Story) – Nigeria by Wee Sing (01:21)

PlayBebe Moke (Baby So Small) – Zaire by Wee Sing (01:08)

PlayKanyoni Kanja (Little Bird Outside) – Kenya by Wee Sing (02:03)

PlayAli Baba’nin Çiftliği (Ali Baba’s Farm) – Turkey by Wee Sing (01:54)

PlayZum Gali Gali (Work Song) – Israel by Wee Sing (01:46)

PlayAttal Mattal (Rhythm Game) – Iran by Wee Sing (01:16)

PlayAnilae Anilae (Chipmunk, Chipmunk) – India by Wee Sing (01:32)

PlayKai Veechamma (Move Your Hand) – India by Wee Sing (00:27)

PlayFong Swei (After School) – China by Wee Sing (01:27)

PlayArirang (Arirang Hill) – Korea by Wee Sing (01:42)

PlayAme, Ame (Rain Song) – Japan by Wee Sing (01:06)

PlayPok Amai, Amai (Clap Together) – Malaysia by Wee Sing (01:23)

PlayAustralia – Australia by Wee Sing (01:33)

PlayEpo I Tai Tai E (I Will Be Happy) – New Zealand by Wee Sing (01:07)

PlayNani Wale Na Hala (Pretty Hala Trees) – Hawaii by Wee Sing (02:25)

PlayHello-Reprise by Wee Sing (01:11)

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