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  • Artist: Parry Gripp
  • Genres: Children’s Music, Music, Comedy
  • Release date: 2013-01-18
  • Tracks: 50
  • Duration: 55:17

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PlayBaby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig) by Parry Gripp (00:56)

PlayThis Is the Best Burrito I’ve Ever Eaten by Parry Gripp (00:48)

PlayBlack Hamster by Parry Gripp (01:47)

PlaySpace Unicorn by Parry Gripp (01:42)

PlayChimpanzee Riding a Segway by Parry Gripp (00:38)

PlayLast Train to Awesome Town by Parry Gripp (02:00)

PlayI Like Vegetables by Parry Gripp (01:36)

PlayYoung Girl Talking About Herself by Parry Gripp (00:57)

PlayDramatic Chipmunk Hey! by Parry Gripp (00:27)

PlayNom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom by Parry Gripp (01:02)

PlayBoogie Boogie Hedgehog by Parry Gripp (01:03)

PlaySandwich by Parry Gripp (00:53)

PlayShopping Penguin by Parry Gripp (01:00)

PlayFuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute by Parry Gripp (00:36)

PlayGuinea Pig by Parry Gripp (00:46)

PlayCat Flushing a Toilet by Parry Gripp (00:46)

PlayPaul the Octopus by Parry Gripp (01:15)

PlayGoodbye Hamster, Goodbye by Parry Gripp (01:17)

PlayBuddington Buddibutt the 2nd by Parry Gripp (00:41)

PlayHamster on a Piano by Parry Gripp (01:04)

PlayI Am a Banana by Parry Gripp (00:37)

PlayBaby Bunny by Parry Gripp (01:13)

PlayI’m a Crazy Wierdo and I’m Calling You by Parry Gripp (00:20)

PlayOh Hai by Parry Gripp (00:49)

PlayPenguin With a Funky Shoe (Funky Version) by Parry Gripp (01:14)

PlayiPad by Parry Gripp (01:24)

PlayBun Bun Bunny Bun by Parry Gripp (01:37)

PlayOverweight Hedgehog by Parry Gripp (01:17)

PlayHershel the Easter Worm by Parry Gripp (00:51)

PlaySquirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels by Parry Gripp (01:03)

PlayI Got No iPhone by Parry Gripp (01:04)

PlayTurtle by Parry Gripp (00:43)

PlayHip, Hip Hoo-Raisin by Parry Gripp (00:36)

PlaySpaghetti Cat (I Weep for You) by Parry Gripp (01:13)

PlayThe Whole World’s Laughing at Me by Parry Gripp (01:16)

PlayFun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun by Parry Gripp (00:58)

PlayHero Rats by Parry Gripp (01:17)

PlaySurfin’ Taco by Parry Gripp (00:57)

PlayLa La Wee La La Woo by Parry Gripp (00:53)

PlayHap, Hap, Hap, Happy Birthday by Parry Gripp (00:32)

PlayCrunchy Taco by Parry Gripp (00:33)

PlayLazy Harp Seal Has No Job by Parry Gripp (00:54)

PlayThe Girl at the Videogame Store by Parry Gripp (03:05)

PlayRaining Tacos by Parry Gripp (01:32)

PlayTheme from a Wiener Dog Riding a Skateboard by Parry Gripp (00:28)

PlayChicken Tender by Parry Gripp (01:08)

PlayDo You Like Waffles (Ukulele Mix) by Parry Gripp (00:30)

PlayReggie the Christmas Hamster by Parry Gripp (01:36)

PlaySmiley Cat by Parry Gripp (01:02)

PlayNeon Pegasus by Parry Gripp (02:55)

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