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Download Dinosaur Rock by DinoRock

  • Artist: DinoRock
  • Genres: Children’s Music, Music, Rock
  • Release date: 1998-01-13
  • Tracks: 23
  • Duration: 43:38

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PlayAt the Beach by DinoRock (0:47)

PlayThe Dinosaur Song by DinoRock (2:17)

PlayFossil Findin’ by DinoRock (1:6)

PlayProfessor Jones by DinoRock (3:17)

PlayDinah Diplodocus by DinoRock (1:58)

PlayDinosaur Rock by DinoRock (1:57)

PlayLet’s Ask Her by DinoRock (0:47)

PlayStella Stegosaurus by DinoRock (2:37)

PlayBring Her To Life! by DinoRock (1:8)

PlayThe Sauropod Swing by DinoRock (2:3)

PlaySix Inches Long! by DinoRock (1:2)

PlayTyrannosaurus Rex… Rex… Rex by DinoRock (2:41)

PlayThe Egg Cracks by DinoRock (1:11)

PlayThe Tiny Little Babies & the Great Big Momma by DinoRock (2:0)

PlayIn a Museum by DinoRock (1:33)

PlayThe Hadrosaur From Hackensack by DinoRock (2:34)

PlayThey’re Alive! by DinoRock (1:25)

PlayLeapin’ Lizards! by DinoRock (1:51)

Play65 Million Years by DinoRock (0:52)

PlayWhere Did Everybody Go? by DinoRock (3:13)

PlayA Magic Afternoon by DinoRock (2:9)

PlayWe All Came From the Sea by DinoRock (4:36)

PlayAll At Sea by DinoRock (0:22)

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